Wedding Services with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Town Crier

Wimborne Militia provide a Wedding EscortMy experience as a Town Crier (since 1998) has led me to officiate at many civic, charitable and celebratory events across Dorset and as far as the metropolis of London! I am a member of both the professional organisations committed to upholding our standards, The Loyal Company of Town Criers and The Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers, of which I was Guild Champion in 2007. As a member of these highly respected bodies it is my pleasure and your reassurance, that I commit to adhere to the traditions, standards and conduct laid down by them.

I can offer you a number of services to make your wedding day that extra bit special and unusual. As MASTER OF CEREMONIES for the day one of the things I can offer is a unique and special public cry announcing the wedding celebrations delivered to your specifications. I can announce the arrival of your guests, call for Order and attention for the speeches (the penning of which I can also assist with) of the day and act as your Aide in all matters with commitment and attention to your every need.

Another service of which I have over forty years experience is that of providing recorded or live entertainment for your party. I have been, what I am reliably informed a “D.J.”, playing pre-recorded discs of music and song with the purpose of dance and capers! I am also well placed in the music industry to be able to advise and book for you a variety of talented live performers to suit all tastes and desires.

A further and thoroughly unique service is the provision of an Escort provided by the Wimborne Militia in 17th Century attire, arrangements to suit. This could include a volley of musket fire at an agreed time to ward off evil intent, spirits and humours from this cherished couple’s long and happy life together.

I am also happy to advise and arrange professional photographers, film recording, venues and caterers so please utilise my experience to ensure you hire only the best! We look forward to blessing your event and hearing from you.

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