DJ Dapper Dan’s Sound System & Mobile Discotek

From the dawn of mobile discos comes the man with an awesome collection of vinyl and digital tunes. First started with a mobile rig of two Selmer 100W columns and a Sound City 100W amp in 1972 when I had a twice weekly residency at the USAF Greenham Common Sergant’s mess. This was my most favoured  method of education and I had access to the USAF base record store and learnt to appreciate the diverse music from real R&B to Country & Western classics. I wish I had some photos from then but this was in the middle ages IT wise compared to nowadays.

Fast forward to today and lost a few records collections down the way but still have an awesome array of fine tunes for any type of event and a modern system of Pioneer & Mackie’s & lighting equipment, complimented with some 30 year old Sound System subs that can give you the collie wobbles.

A recent very happy customer said:

” Hi Chris, Thank you so much for your wonderful music last Saturday night in Berkshire. I have had so many people thank me for such a wonderful party; they absolutely loved the music and the easy-going atmosphere. I know that your choice of music chilled them out and meant that they relaxed and had a great evening. Wonderful! Thank you.”

So whatever your event, celebration or party do please consider me and get in touch and we can discuss.

Drop that track DJRidgeway Fire 25.2.14DJDD at Mic at gig  good landscapeDJing VW at The Pub 2014 jpg

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