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Chris & Mel at the decks - DJ Dapper Dan

I have been nuts about music for most of my life and I love all sorts. When I was 14 (1970) I began running a mobile disco and loved the things it used to get me to. I had a twice a week resident booking on a USAF base which paid really well, gave me access to direct US import vinyl and a whole different world of music. At one point I was earning more than my father and I hadn’t even left school so he became my “roadie” driving me to the gigs and picking me up in his dressing gown and slippers at 2am!

I started promoting concerts and have done that on and off all the time, mostly for fun and to help young bands get playing in front of audiences. Then a few years ago my brother who is in the industry made a comment to Tim D’Laughter of the Polyphonic Spree that they might like me and he could see me doing a cry type introduction for their show. Tim followed it up and I did many shows with them around the UK and had such a lot of fun. It was Tim who came up with the “Rock’n’Roll Town Crier” name and it was used by John Peel when he interviewed me for Home Truths radio programme and has stuck since.

From there I also got asked to do the same for a lot of other bands and particularly enjoyed doing similar for The Flaming Lips, Enter Shikari and Supergrass. It is now a fun little sideline and I go every year to Camp Bestival to introduce some of the big acts and was very involved in the Endorse IT IN Dorset Festival as their “tame” town crier. As things have progressed I began producing (2008) a weekly reggae radio show “Skanking Delights with DJ Dapper Dan” on Forest FM every saturday night at 10pm. Past shows of Skanking Delights are stored at the following link and are there for free download. I have also produced a range of one off shows covering a variety of topics from oral histories to life in the Gambia.

I have extensive experience of acting as Compere and doing the fills at many festivals and gigs as DJ Dapper Dan as well as doing sets at dances, weddings and all sorts of unusual events. I was recently booked to play in the front room of someone’s house which was being opened as an exclusive men’s wear shop “Journeyman Union” in Poole!

I have recently been honoured by the legendary producer Neil Fraser (“The Mad Professor”) with the title “THE JOHN PEEL OF REGGAE”!  As a lifetime fan of Mr Peel this is without doubt the highest honour I could be paid, indeed humbling might be more appropriate!


DJ Dapper Dan - Rock n Roll Town crierDJ Dapper Dan - Rock n Roll Town crierDJ Dapper Dan - Rock n Roll Town crier

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